Presentation of the conference

Sustainability is one of the most frequent concepts in institutional and academic debate in recent years. However, its meaning remains controversial and elusive. The term does not have a univocal definition in literature, although it is widespread and there are several research trends in this field. Consequently, different disciplines have contributed to the sustainability debate. Thus, there are many definitions currently in circulation, often divergent from one another. Moreover, the concept has changed over time, taking on new meanings related to the different phases of the international debate. We can consider sustainability as a contested concept

This conference aims to analyze sustainability taking into account its multidisciplinary nature, which has undoubtedly influenced the difficulty of a univocally accepted definition. Contributions from different disciplines will be accepted and encouraged, from sociology to statistics, from law to economics, and so on.

Thematic areas (not limited to):

Circular economy

Climate change

Cultural heritage


Education quality

Environmental analysis

Energy policies

Food policies


Health conditions and determinants

Labour and occupational conditions

Migration and Demography in Europe

Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion

Responsible production and consumption

Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Development

Sustainable activities in the financial sector

Well-being and quality of life

Awards are foreseen for the best posters

Posters should be on the theme of sustainability presented at the related session by participants under 30 years old and students.
Participants should send their poster by June 1, 2022 to the conference address


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